19 Tassels, Fringe, and Lush Fabrics Make a Splash in New Orleans

New Orleans splashes out with fringe, tassels, and lush fabrics. See the slideshow of 19 products we photographed on site with the city as a perfect, vibrant backdrop.

1. Seychelles Teardrop fringe in wood and cot­ton in Twilight by .

2. Seychelles Bead fringe in wood and cotton in Soleil by .

3. Marmo cotton in black, gray, and copper by .

4. Camelot tieback in silk in gray by Sahco Hesslein, through .

5. Soleil Bleu’s Chloé polyester in 060 by .

6. Maggie tieback in rayon-cotton in pink and black by .

7. Game On viscose-nylon in Red Rover by .

8. Sakura linen-acrylic in Noir by .

9. Onyx 35622 tieback in polyester, cotton, metallic yarn, and wood in 9500 by .

10. Pep polyester by .

11. Tonga tape in linen, raffia, and wood in Lava Black by

12. Network cotton-polyester in Golden by .

13. Library ribbon bullion in a rayon-polymide blend in Eggplant by

14. Rumi cotton-polyester blend in Mardi Gras by .

15. ’s Big Fringe Trevira CS polyester in Mix by KnollTextiles.

16. Painted Velvet cotton-viscose blend in Cape Cod by .

17. Cape Coral polyester in 090 and 099 by .

18. Mirafiore cotton in Rosso by .

19. Onyx 35306 tieback in polyester in 9110. Onyx 35616 tieback in polyester in 9510 by .

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