The Centre d’Art Diane-Dufresne by ACDF Architecture Helps Put a Montreal Suburb on the Map

How do you transform a Montreal suburb into a cultural destination? ACDF Architecture channeled Alvar Aalto in designing the , the first building to be completed as part of a master plan for an underutilized park in Repentigny, on the bank of the St. Lawrence River. Glass, stainless steel, and lodgepole pine dominate the exterior of the streamlined structure. Inside, diamond-polished concrete flooring flows through the 15,000 square feet of gallery and performance space, and a fiberglass pendant fixture by  gleams in the entry hall. As for the art center’s namesake,  is beloved for her singing and acting, often in eccentric costumes, as well as her abilities in the visual arts. All of which made her the perfect muse for the diverse aspirations of the facility. It opened with an exhibition of her paintings and sculptures. 

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