9 Standout Office Seating Products From NeoCon 2016

New sofas, chairs, and stools, provide plenty of options.

1. Upis1 stool in polyamide by .

2. Repiroue stools in polyester, fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, and polypropylene by .

3. Feek 18 seating system in polyurethane foam by .

4. Loft swivel chair in leather and blackened steel by .

5. Little Perillo chair in wool and maple by .

6. Spot stools in white oak or walnut and brass by .

7. Bud stools in molded foam and CF Stinson’s Avant vinyl or Momentum Group’s Silica silicone-polyester by .

8. Printstool stools in leather and lignin by .

9. Share banquette in Kvadrat’s Outback wool-nylon and white oak by .

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