15 Female Designers to Follow on Instagram

Fifteen incredible women designers—and their Instagram accounts. 

1. India Mahdavi ()

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Paris-based architect and designer India Mahdavi has a penchant for color that translates seamlessly onto her grid, which archives both her completed projects and sources of inspiration.

2. Shanan Campanaro ()

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The Brooklyn-based creative director and founder of Eskayel, purveyor of aquatic-inspired fabrics and wall coverings, lets her fun-loving personality shine through each post, whether geotagged from tropical beaches or her brand-new South Williamsburg showroom.

3. Bethan Gray ()

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The Welsh designer showcases a treasure trove of bold colors and arresting designs, a result of her expert knowledge of cutting-edge technology and eye for the rare and wonderful.

4. Cristina Celestino ()

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With an acute attention to detail, Milan-based architect Cristina Celestino channels both her signature pastel palettes and material inspirations.

5. Louise Despont ()

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Louise Despont, daughter of Docservis Hall of Fame member Thierry, offers close-ups of her gridded drawings and snapshots of her travels through Southeast Asia in equal measure.

6. Shantell Martin ()

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A speaker at Docservis's 40th annual Giants of Design conference, Shantell Martin showcases her signature thought-provoking black-and-white illustrations among playful selfies and current collaborations.

7. Lauren Larson ()

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The creative force behind Material Lust gives her followers a taste of what inspires the NYC-based studio, co-founded with Christian Swafford, whose eclectic range of objects and furnishings embody design’s oft-overlooked darker moments.

8. Elizabeth "Libs" Elliott ()

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A textile designer for Andover Fabrics and a nine-year quilting veteran, Elizabeth "Libs" Elliott features fabrics designed by an intricate programming language that lets her generate unique geometric compositions.

9. Jenny Wu ()

A post shared by Jenny Wu, Architect/Designer (@lace_jennywu) on

The Oyler Wu Collaborative partner, when not designing award-winning buildings, doubles as the sole design force behind LACE, a collection of avant-garde 3-D printed wearables derived from her modern design sensibilities.

10. Mimi Jung ()

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Los Angeles–based artist Mimi Jung reveals her innate fascination with personal solitude and the public self through partial wall constructions woven from everyday materials.

11. Brit Kleinman ()

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Brit Kleinman, founder of Brooklyn-based AVO, finds eye-catching ways to showcase her extensive array of hand-dyed leathers in playfully bold colorways.

12. Young Huh ()

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With a keen eye for traditional interiors, the New York City–based interior designer imparts inspired designs ranging from her most treasured historical spaces to everyday pleasures.

13. Jessica Rosenkrantz ()

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Employing computer simulation to generate biomorphic designs, Jessica Rosenkrantz, one-half of Massachusetts-based studio Nervous System, creates art, jewelry, and accessories on the forefront of technological innovation.

14. Rosela Barraza ()

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The Rapt Studio interior designer, based in Los Angeles, offers insights into what exactly inspires the award-winning firm to create its show-stopping interiors.

15. Brooke Holm ()

A post shared by Brooke Holm (@brookeholm) on

New York City–based photographer Brooke Holm’s discerning attention to detail is fully present in her feed, a curated gallery of her finest snaps ranging from romantic landscapes to tabletop accessories.


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