8 Industry-Defining Products From the Last Six Decades

These standouts range from mid-century to the 21st.

Softseating stools in 24-karat gold-leafed paper, a special edition of a 2006 piece by .
’s 1979 Strips chaise lounge in leather-upholstered polyurethane foam by .
Le Corbusier’s 1952 Borne Béton outdoor lamp in concrete with LEDs by .
Max Sauze’s 1967 Orion chandeliers in stainless steel by .
Pebble Wool upholstery in wool-nylon from 1999 by .
’s 1970’s Panoramagic oven range in steel by .
's 1970’s Panoramagic oven range in steel by .
Léon Stynen’s 1958 SL58 chair in lacquered beech plywood and chromed steel by .
’s 1951 BS2 lamps in steel by .

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