Kimpton Travels to the Caribbean

Grand Cayman is famous for off-shore banking, scuba-worthy coral reefs, and the white-sand Seven Mile Beach. The latter now boasts , the brand’s foray into the international luxury market as well as its first new hotel in over a decade.  designed the building, while  handled the landscape architecture, which includes a pair of ocean-view pools. Interiors, encompassing 266 guestrooms an 8,500-square-foot spa, were the work of , which infused a beachy aesthetic with sophistication and nods to local artisans and island history; the firm also designed the three freestanding guest bungalows.  was imported to conceive Ave and Avecita, two of the property’s three restaurants. Amid the sea blues and sandy whites, there’s a good amount of green, too: A solar array generates electricity, rainwater is harvested for maintaining the landscape, and air-conditioning is geothermal.

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