Suzanne Tick Designs 6 Architectural Glass Patterns for Skyline Design

As -cutter cubicles surrender to open plans, a paradox arises. How do you make environments seamless but at the same time distinct? answers the question with , a series of six patterns of architectural glass for . Fabricated using proprietary technologies, the patterns are etched or digitally printed with geometries or textures that fade into each other, allowing the eye to transition as the body moves. Shift Grid’s seemingly random lines, for example, dissolve into the irregular stripes of Lineal Fade. The effect so captivated company executives that they made Transcend panels the focal point of a Mart showroom makeover by .

Transcend (Shift Grid) by Suzanne Tick for Skyline Design.
Transcend (Lineal Fade) by Suzanne Tick for Skyline Design.

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