7 Women Contribute Metal Pieces to De Castelli Collection

Painting screen by Alessandra Baldereschi.

Seven women of different ages, origins, and viewpoints collaborated with the master artisans of to forge , a furniture collection that dispels the myth of metal as cold and impersonal. Instead, playfulness reigns. Cyclops-inspired hardware, like a giant eye, stares out from the center of Polifemo, ’s copper-covered cabinet. Copper also figures prominently in ’s Longing cabinet, ’s Volte shelving unit, and ’s Elizabeth cabinet. The copper top of ’s Vomere table is supported by an asymmetrical sheet-metal base. Strips of copper, brass, and polished stainless steel undulate across ’s Painting screen to compose an artistic landscape. And the oxidized metal tops of the Scribble tables by are shaped just like that. 

Vomere table by Donata Paruccini.

Longing cabinet by Nika Zupanc.
Volte shelving unit by Constance Guisset. 
Polifemo cabinet by Elena Salmistraro.
Elizabeth cabinet by Nathalie Dewez.
Scribble tables by Francesca Lanzavecchia.

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