Korean Crisis Finds Expression in John Marx Drawing

A pen sketch of Crashing Waves by John Marx. Image courtesy of Form4 Architecture.

“I call this Crashing Waves. It was a competition entry for the Tongyeong International Music Foundations’s concert hall on a cliff at the southern tip of South Korea. The brief was for the building to serve as a memorial to Isang Yun, an avant-garde composer who was very controversial because he was in favor of reunification. In my concept, North and South Korea are represented by two different forms colliding. Quite a timely political thought.

The pen sketch came first. I remember exactly where I was when I drew it—at the AIA California Council’s Monterey Design Conference. I had signed up to go while we were in the middle of the concert-hall competition. The conference was very inspiring, so I was listening and drawing at the same time. All kinds of ideas came out of that one conference. During the three days, I must have done 40 sketches. I used this one to model the design in Form Z, a 3-D software. Then the 3-D image was turned into a rendering.

Crashing Waves 3D Image by John Marx. Courtesy of Form4 Architecture.

This isn’t the version that won the competition, though. My firm, , won with another design. And it did get built. Still, to my mind, this sketch is the most interesting.”

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