9 Bold Seats With Splashes of Color

Bright and bold colors speak volumes.

1. Vincent Cloutier and Jean Darveau’s B3 benches in walnut, cherry, birch, and ash by

2. ’s Berlin Loft sofa bed with tubular lacquered metal frame and polyester cushions by

3. Bon poufs and footrests in ’s Uniform and Razzle Dazzle (by ) 3-D-knitted wool blend by

4. Cat’s Pajamas lounge chair in powder-coated steel with wood base and wool- rayon upholstery by

5. Amir Abadi’s varnished pine chair by

6. ’s Lou Lou Ghost chair in polycarbonate printed with of illustration by

’s Cirrus sofas with
leather upholstery in ginger

8. Tier modular seating in
fabric, wood, and foam by

9. Naomi Clark’s Painted ottomans in canvas with polyester stuffing by

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