8 Elegant Lighting Fixtures

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Product: Mayfair

Standout: Nineteenth-century French Bouillotte candlestick fixtures enter the 21st century courtesy of LED up- and downlighting hidden within polycarbonate or aluminum shades in jewel tones or metallics.

2. Félix Guyon and Audrée L. Larose of

Product: Perle

Standout: One or more hand-blown glass globes fasten into a satin brass–, nickel-, copper-, or black- finished setting that hangs from a fabric-covered cord. Through .

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Product: Coax

Standout: Held in place by a matte brass or nickel structure, an LED tube seems to float within nesting cylinders of transparent glass, creating concentric circles of light and shade.

4. Noah James Spencer of

Product: Ladder Line

Standout: The hand-sculpted cherry frame is outlined in cool white LED strips that, when propped against a wall, cast a shadow—and shine for 50,000 hours.

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Product: Bon Jour T

Standout: The cutting-edge LED table lamp in injection molded PMMA brightens with a simple click; the shade looks especially smart in transparent yellow, pleated fabric, or even raffia.

6. Jeremy Anderson and Gabriel Hendifar of

Product: Lantern

Standout: A minimalist brass frame supports a sizable 32-inch-wide shade in slip-cast porcelain with finely incised fluting.

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Product: Jardin d’Eden

Standout: France’s famed Meilleurs Ouvriers handcraft these silver-plated steel table lamps—carved with Wanders’ scrolled motif—in their workshops. The shade is blown crystal.

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Product: Rays

Standout: The LED stunner’s silver cap is surrounded by an oversized reflector—almost three feet in diameter—of pressed glass with details handwoven in France.

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