9 Sleek Products by Rising Designers

Rising stars impress with nine must-see new products.

1. Silvia K of

Products: Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer

Standout: Slip-cast and press-molded, the tin-glazed terra-cotta plates and pendants are inspired by the earthenware from the artist’s native Slovakia.

2. Tammer Hijazi and Danny Giannella of

Product: C-Light

Standout: Channeling the studio’s namesake bird, which builds unique structures during courtship, cold-rolled oiled steel creates an eye-catching pendant fixture and lamp.

3. Christian and Heidi Batteau of

Product: Lamina

Standout: At a repurposed seed mill in the Ozarks, this married couple produces environmentally responsible wallpaper, such as one with hand-applied plaster and mica. 

4. Oliver Haslegrave of

Product: Double Swing

Standout: The studio behind many buzzy restaurants segues into lighting with a playful pendant fixture in handblown glass and silver-plated brass.

5. Karen John of

Product: Building Block Digital Locker 5H

Standout: Refined-looking yet commercial-grade steel lockers are the specialty of a company founded by a and alum. 

6. Alissa Volchkova of

Product: Liquid

Standout: Vessels that push the physicality and coloration of glazed porcelain can furthermore stack into graphic compositions.

7. Jon and Maša Kleinhample of

Product: Chaise 

Standout: Leather just 1⁄5 inch thick, stretched over a frame of rolled, blackened steel, characterizes seating by Belgians recently turned Angelenos.

8. Lanette and Ryden Rizzo of

Product: Alabaster Totem

Standout: Shaped with lathe and chisel, alabaster globes are fitted with LEDs and stacked 7 feet high on a base in brass and bleached oak.

9. Riley McFerrin of

Product: Oxbow

Standout: Fine-arts training is evident with this mirror in back-painted, hand-etched glass, framed with integral shelf in bent, oiled, waxed walnut.

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