8 Must-Haves Products From High Point Market


1. Antonia Caicedo of

Product: Hexa

Standout: Adding a touch of glamour to this side table, bronze legs pass through slots in the six-sided parchment-covered top. 


2. for

Product: Blade

Standout: In a nod to Richard Serra, glass panels float asymmetrically above the cocktail table’s frame in oil-rubbed brass. 

Elan/ S Fringe.

3. of

Product: Elan/S Fringe

Standout: Black leather strips, hand-sewed onto the white leather-upholstered seat of this swivel chair, cascade to brush the stainless-steel base.


4. for

Product: Covet

Standout: Punctuating the sumptuous silhouette ofsofa, the frame extends to accommodate a leather-covered tray. 


5. for

Product: Honeycomb

Standout: The Jamie Beckwith Collection’s expertise in wood manifests itself in faceted walnut tiles bedecking a wrought-iron chandelier. 


6. Christian Gori, Marco Pocci, and Claudio Dondoli for

Product: Pixi

Standout: Pixelating traditional Oriental patterns, the trio created a polyester-acrylic blend rug with the hand of cowhide. 


7. Ito Kish of

Product: Basilisa

Standout: A cocktail table’s rattan latticework evokes an ancient weaving technique from the Philippines, this designer’s native country. 


8. Palmer Earley of

Product: Eclipse

Standout: Mimicking the movement of planets around the sun, this lamp’s spinning shades in brass, copper, or iron orbit a marble base. 

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