Marc Phillips Commissions Graffiti Artist Retna for a Limited-Edition Rug Collection

When met, the  founding partner immediately envisioned the graffiti artist, otherwise known as Marquis Lewis, portraying his streetwise swagger through rugs. “I begged him for a year to collaborate,” Partial recalls. Ultimately Lewis relented, and their business arrangement evolved into friendship. The artist even painted a two-story mural on the facade of the manufacturer’s Los Angeles showroom. Four years later, the two decided that a follow-up was overdue. Hand-knotted in Nepal, 16 limited-edition designs, all variations on a theme, have grounds walking a fine line between graphic and typographic. Wool and silk mingle in Resurrect White Black, 8 by 10 feet, and Resurrect Multi Blue, 8 by 101⁄2. Texture Fill Resurrect Pink, 9 by 12, is all wool. 

Resurrect Multi Blue.
Resurrect White Black.
Texture Fill Resurrect Pink.
Retna's graffiti on the side of the Marc Phillips showroom in Los Angeles.

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