5 Simply Amazing Eateries With Playful Touches

Casual restaurants with touches of cheek.

1. Gastro Pelayo Trinquet by Mercader de Indias 

 aimed to capture the essence of tennis for the Valencia court's on-site restaurant. “It’s designed to be up high,” owner Carlos Serra says, “so that when people to see the games they don’t bother the diner, but still have access to the bar.” Colors resemble Valencia's pilota colors while a sculpture of a tossing hand hangs over banquettes as a playful tribute to the sport and the court out back.

2. Wild Ginger by SkB Architects

Seattle-based  enlisted  to design their new  location to evoke the spirit of their first restaurant. The 6,000-square-foot space opens on a teak vestibule, flowing into a line of tables between rows of booths and leading to a private dining room in the back.

3. White Monkey Pizza Lab by Ippolito Fleitz Group

in Leipzig, Germany aims to reinvent the classic pizzeria with a new design by . To reference the restaurant's name, the designers used cheeky simian shapes throughout the 3,300 square feet, as well as other colorful nods to Italian pizzerias. Throughout the ground level, the 130 seats are configured to cater to various types of diners: families and solo patrons, with a mix of banquettes, freestanding two-tops, and spots at the E-shaped bar.

4. Spooning by Zentralnorden

 designed Berlin sweet shop , the first German outpost dedicated to  dough, as a bright and cheery eatery. “The inviting and inspiring environment piques the curiosity of customers of all ages,” said. Walls are painted cotton candy pink and a grid of badminton birdies adds to the cheery atmosphere.

5. Bon Bon Fait Maison by Docservis Laboratorium

Stamos Hondrodimos of  and Paris-trained chef  joined forces to open an ice cream shop on the Greek island of . Hondrodimos renovated an 1860's two-story building, preserving the wood-beam ceiling, built-in benches, and the mosaic tile floor. The overall vibe is... quite chill! "I wanted everything to remind customers of their childhood summer ice cream," Hondrodimos said.