10 Fabric & Wall Covering Highlights from NeoCon 2018

Fabric and wall covering that caught our editors’ eyes at this year’s NeoCon. Follow  for more picks.

1. Cubitt by 

Cubitt by Designtex (#399).

2. Darning Sampler by 

Darning Sampler by Maharam (#1188).

3. Criss-Cross by 

Criss-Cross by Carnegie (#10-112).

4. Savile Row by 

Savile Row by Mayer Fabrics (#1173).

5. Lacebark by 

Lacebark by Innovations (#6-130).

6. Lineage Collection by 

Lineage Collection by Concertex (10-103).

7. Reverb by 

Reverb by Arc-Com (#1194).

8. Groovy by 

Groovy by KnollTextiles (#1111).

9. Cityscape by

Cityscape by Momentum Textiles (#11-106).

10. Landscape by 

Landscape by Brentano (#1040A).

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