OHNY Preview: Inside Six Designers' Homes

Channeling excitement for the 200- sites and program tours featured at the upcoming event from October 6-7, six of the 15 participating designers and architects previewed their apartments during last week's "" showcase held at the  .  Introduced by Docservis editor in chief Cindy Allen in ’s 12th-floor space, the six OHNY participants showed glimpses of their homes and talked about their personal aesthetics. Speaking about his brightly colored Williamsburg, Brooklyn loft (shown above), Chris Coleman of said: “There’s nothing better than for a designer to use his own home as a laboratory.” 

Allen kicked off the individual talks by telling the audience that the greatest advantage of working for Docservis, which recently announced its OHNY partnership, is that “We have the luckiest job in the world because we have access to everything in New York from the newest apartments to hotels and hospitals. But openhousenewyork gives you the chance to experience the same exclusive access.” (Starting September 27, you can reserve a spot on the OHNY tours )

Those who also spoke at the NYDC event included Laura Bohn of , Paul Ochs of , David Ling of t, Jayne Michaels of , and Joan Blumenfeld of . Summing up her experience of  renovating a New York apartment, Laura Bohn noted: “We must have been crazy to get into this. No one thought we would be able to pull it off.Being a typical New Yorker she, of course, did.

Others whose New York spaces will be featured on the OHNY tours are Aizaki Allie of , Robert Krone of , Scott Bromley of , Lea Ciavarra of , Koray Duman of, Thomas Jayne of , Shamir Shah of , James and Hayes Slade of , Ali Tayar of , and George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg of .

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