NeoCon Preview 2014: Office Furniture

1. Elective Elements work surface and storage units in metallic finishes and back-painted glass by .

2. Syze conference or coffee tables topped with walnut or cherry veneer or plastic laminate on polished aluminum legs by Eoos for .

3. Eyhove work station by David Winston for .

4. Buzziville in Buzzifelt (composed entirely of up-cycled PET waste) and oak or plastic laminate by .

5. Insalata workspace system in melamine-coated honeycomb paper, painted steel legs, and felt, by .

6. Haven Pod Team Meeting in wool felt, polyurethane foam, and steel by .

7. Priveé in wool, polyurethane foam, and powder-coated steel by .

8. Re: booth in TFL with banquettes upholstered in Buzzifelt recycled-PET felt in Petrol by .

9. Square work-space system by with button ottomans by .

10. Malibu modular seating in stainless steel and polyurethane by .

11. Muffle acoustical panels in steel and polyester in Grape and Vanilla by .

12. Visor modular seating in tubular stainless steel and polyester with privacy panels in wool and connecting tables in glass and plastic laminate by .

13. Palisade seating, working, and sleeping system by Sorel for .

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