NeoCon 2015 Product Preview: Office Furniture


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1. Nomado mobile desks in aluminum and MDF by .

2. Ad-Lib by PearsonLloyd for . 

3. Parkway by Jean Bourassa of .

4. Grace tables in powder-coated aluminum by .

5. Lake drum tables in walnut, Baltic birch, and high-pressure plastic laminate by .

6. Contemporary suite by  for . 

7. IBooth in upholstered plywood and high-pressure plastic laminate by .

8. Distil desk in ash and ash veneer by .

9. SW height-adjustable desks in steel, plastic laminate, and polyester by . 

10. Winston workstation, for Apple iMac, in aluminum, steel, ABS plastic, and powder-coated MDF by .

11. Roomio pendant fixture in aluminum, acrylic, and aluminum composite by Forim.

12. Caid by Sorelstudio for . 

13. Touchdown charging lockers in MDF, plastic laminate, and zinc alloy by . 

14. Dome outlet in plastic by . 

15. Metro keyboard platform in aluminum and leather by . 

16. Numeris A-series keypads and RFID lock in zinc and aluminum alloys by .

17. Brooklyn USB desk lamp in aluminum and plastic by Lux LED Lights by . 

18. Brody WorkLounge modular workstations by .

19. Traverse V by HOK Product Design for .