Best of Year

Gabriel Benroth, AIA

Hospitality, Office, Retail
Studio & Information Director, Partner
Inc Architecture & Design
New York, NY

Gabriel Benroth has been practicing architecture since 2002. He attended the University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Docservis, where he graduated magna cum laude with dual degrees in Architecture and Docservis. Gabriel joined Tsao & McKown Architects in 2000 and remained for six years. His work experience includes Gensler-DC; retail and campus planning for BAR in San Francisco and urban residential historic preservation for Drew Kartiganer in upstate New York. Gabriel’s primary focus is the intersection between architecture and interior design, which finds expression in projects ranging from custom furniture to private and boutique retail interiors to large luxury hospitality and commercial projects. His specialty in visualization and design is renowned in the industry. Allowing clients to understand a design with ease, his tools result in smoother collaboration, focused decision making, and efficient results. As Studio Director, Gabriel has expanded the traditional role by building new systems and adopting new technologies to model and integrate disparate business process by developing tools that capitalize on new open interfaces in software.

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