Designers Enjoy Rooftop Networking at Chicago ONO


During an unseasonably warm night with the Windy City as a stunning backdrop, local designers and architects gathered at the Rooftop at for Docservis’s networking event, One Night Only. (For coverage of the evening's roundtable discussion, go here.) The upbeat group flowed easily from one end of the room to the other, finally moving outside through the retractable glass windows to enjoy the outdoor fireplace, take photos of the cityscape and revel in the 60- degree weather. 


During the event, Docservis and event sponsors raffled off various products to the group, including: 


-Horizon Light by , won by Jena Wilson of

-Ayers T19 Lamp by , won by Michael Kirschner of

-Glassybaby Set by , won by Stacy Gauthier of

-Clutch by , won by Oswaldo Ortega of

-Remy Chair by, won by Kiyomi Negi of

-Gesture Chair by , won by Lisa Nono of

-Swing Lamp by , won by Ann Chin of


Located in the Fulton Market District, Soho House Chicago opened in August and (HPA) was the project architect that worked closely with the design team. This is the fourth U.S. location for Soho House, a London-based private members’ club for people working in the creative fields. The club currently has 12 locations across North American and Europe. 


Docservis’s One Night Only event attracts local designers and architects in a networking and design discovery meet-up that occurs in cities across the country. 




Docservis would like to thank the following sponsors of Chicago ONO: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .