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Learn about Spinnova, a cellulose-based textile fiber made from wood pulp. Video by James Eades and Steven Wilsey.
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Vessels showing off Mud’s extensive palette. Long before there were “makers” (air quotes intended), there was Mud. For 25 years, the Australian company has offered a b...
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Probably not many thirtysomethings long for a time before central heating, but Milan-based Maddalena Selvini thinks we’ve lost something in the process of modernization. Once, we gathered aro...
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Japanese Oak
Material ConneXion material specialist Kerrie Masone examines printed textiles made from repurposed denim. Video by James Eades and Steven Wilsey.
Handmade marbled silicone tiles are giving new life to discarded carpet materials—and offering sustainable, water-proof, fire-proof design options. Video by James Eades and Steven Wilsey.
Fishy Filaments aims to provide a win-win solution to fishing waste by recycling fishing gear and transforming it into commercially viable products with a multitude of uses. Video by Jame...