6 Design-Minded Offices in the USA and China

FIRM Multiple Firms

Design talents truly excel at American and Chinese offices.

1. Firm:

Project: Casper Sleep.

Site: New York.

Standout: Matching the blue from the online mattress maker's popular subway ads, a stained-oak structure offers niches for quick naps or long meetings.

Quartz by Desai Chia Architecture. Photography by Mark Craemer.

2. Firm:

Project: Quartz.

Site: New York.

Standout: A central divider with Douglas fir supports, which double as shelving, separates the reporters' and editors' desks from communal areas including a cafe.

Paul Hastings by Gensler. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

3. Firm: .

Project: Paul Hastings.

Site: New York.

Standout: Spray-painted steel latticework derives from an algorithm that merged motifs from the Middle East and Southeast Asia, among regions where the law firm has a presence.

Da Cheng Design Co by Da Cheng Design Co. Photography courtesy of Da Cheng Design Co.

4. Firm:
Da Cheng Design Co.

Project: Da Cheng Design Co.

Site: Fuzhou, China.

Standout: The Chinese concept of the courtyard house is expressed in pitched-roof volumes that hold both meeting rooms and the offices of creative directors.

Alibaba Pictures Group Limited by HOK. Photography by Eric Laignel.

5. Firm:

Project: Alibaba Pictures Group Limited.

Site: Pasadena, California.

Standout: For the e-retailer's entertainment arm, a textured wall in a painted mineral composite channels the crumpled paper discarded during the creative process.

Uber Technologies by Bean Buro Limited. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro Limited.

6. Firm:

Project: Uber Technologies.

Site: Hong Kong.

Standout: Felt-wrapped pendant fixtures hang over the cafe's communal table conceived as the collaborative and social heart of the space.


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