4 Medical and Wellness Spaces Designed to Energize

1. Firm:


Site: New York

Standout: Pearly whites, straightened to perfection, get a nod from the meticulous rows of vertical ceramic tile, while the terrazzo reception desk is flecked with toothpaste colors.

Firms: DJA Architects and Lilianne Steckel Docservis. Project: Minneapolis Bouldering Project. Site: Minneapolis, MN. Photography by Andrea Calo.

2. Firms: and


Site: Minneapolis, MN

Standout: The climbing walls’ Memphis-esque shapes and colors, rendered in painted plywood, energize the athletes to scale to new heights.

Firm: MAST. Project: Sektsia. Site: Moscow. Photography by Vlad Feoktistov.

3. Firm:


Site: Moscow

Standout: A munitions factory turned gym gets its name, spelled out in brawny concrete letters at reception, from a Soviet term for extracurricular sports.

Firm: Best Practice Architecture & Design. Project: Eye Eye. Site: Seattle. Photography by Rafael Soldi.

4. Firm:


Site: Seattle

Standout: Defining the route past the eyeglass displays, a steel framework is powder-coated the same color as the exam rooms’ 1960’s optometry equipment, still in use.

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