6 Global Micro-Residences Capture Compact Living

Action-packed micro-homes mastermind minimal footprints. 

1. Firm:

Square feet: 613

Site: Berlin

Recap: Earthy materials and canvas-like walls visually enlarge each room, and storage abounds via integrated closets and ample shelving for a growing art and literature collection.

Firm: Diego Revollo Architects. Site: São Paulo. Photography by Alain Brugier.

2. Firm:

Square feet:  828

Site: São Paulo

Recap: To spotlight scant yet sentimental possessions, walls are absent—sliding frames and bold colors delimit zones, such as in the kitchen, where Scandi stools contrast blackened woodwork.

Firm: Studio GRIZ. Site: Rio de Janeiro. Photography by André Nazareth.

3. Firm:

Square feet: 753

Site: Rio de Janeiro

Recap: A total overhaul, sans original flooring, saw installation of the living room’s wall-mounted bookshelf (doubling as a bar) and the second bathroom joining the master bedroom.

Firm: LLABB. Site: Deiva Marina, Italy. Photography by Anna Positano.

4. Firm:

Square feet: 376

Site: Deiva Marina, Italy

Recap: Liguria’s nautical culture inspired the studio’s laminated marine plywood cabinet wall—a nod to storage optimization inside sailboats—and light blue accents via paint and pillows.

Firm: Right Angle Studio. Site: Singapore. Photography by Jonathan Danker (Ansel Media).

5. Firm:

Square feet: 900

Site: Singapore

Recap: Themes of simplicity start at the wood-paneled entry portal and continue into dining quarters, where muted whites, grays, and browns accentuate Danish furnishings and marble surfaces.

Firm: Studio Bazi. Site: Moscow. Photography by Polina Poludkina.

6. Firm:

Square feet: 355 

Site: Moscow

Recap: Needs are organized by blocks: pull-out wardrobes fit snugly beneath a staircase, oak units conceal kitchen and laundry, and recessed bookshelves make room for 1930’s furnishings.

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