7 Simply Amazing Indoor Pools

Breathtaking indoor pools offer respite and recreation. 

1. Upstate New York poolhouse by BarlisWedlick Architects

This 2,750-square-foot secret pool house by BarlisWedlick Architects discreetly tucks into the hillside at a 115-acre estate in Chatham, New York. A partially underground passageway from the Adirondack-style main house provides access to the 54-foot pool—and panoramic views of the Catskill Mountains.

2. London townhouse by Lionel Jadot

Excavating below the basement of a London townhouse by Lionel Jadot allowed for an indoor pool seemingly carved out of quartzite.

3. Toronto house by Paul Raff Studio Incorporated Architects

The 16,200-square-foot Toronto house by Paul Raff Studio Incorporated Architects boasts a sports and entertainment wing which includes a 40-foot indoor pool. To eliminate glare on the pool’s water, Raff replaced skylights with Douglas fir slats.

4. 19th-century Melbourne terrace house by B.E Architecture

The basement pool room of a Melbourne terrace house by B.E. Architecture features bluestone walls, a custom brass spout, and brushed granite flooring.

5. Renovated 18th-century Portuguese farmhouse by ES1Arq

ES1Arq’s Elisabete Saldanha de Oliveira excavated 5,000 square feet under a renovated 18th-century farmhouse in Guimarães, Portugal, to construct the separate pool house, clad in Iroko wood and mosaic tile.

6. Suburban French triplex by Dwek Architecture + Partners

In this Parisian triplex, a type of schist clads the walls and floor surrounding the 36-foot pool, illuminated by color-changing LEDs. The window at the far end offers a view into the home cinema.

7. London home by Moderno Interiors

With the push of a button, a hydraulic mechanism makes the pool shallower—and more child-friendly. Another push, and the bottom rises until flush with the pool surrounds, creating a tiled dance floor in just eight minutes.

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