2013 BOY Winner: Common Space

PROJECT NAME Nanchang Insun International Cinema
SQ. FT. 78,500 SQF

When is going to the movies like reading? For this 78,500-square-foot cinema, design directors took their inspiration from books. At the center of the lobby, the cashiers’ desks appear to be stacks of paper—they’re actually milled solid-surfacing. Posters for the films on show are displayed on tall planes of white powder-coated metal that fan out as if they were pages bound into a movie script. Structural columns are clad in marble with vertical striations evoking the cut pages of a hardback. 

Taking the reference a step further—since paper is made from trees, more often than not—Kit and Lung designed long, skinny, tubular light fixtures that angle down from the ceiling like branches stretching out from a tree. The ceiling is painted black, a color that completely engulfs a hallway off the lobby. Scattered across the inky walls are words in various colors and typefaces: snippets of dialogue from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.



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