Big Ideas: Community Spirit

FIRM Multiple

These 19 spaces for learning, eating, or just relaxing are where we all come together:

1. Firm:
Project: Edible Schoolyard
Location: Brooklyn, New York

2. Firm:
Project: St. Elizabeths Hospital
Location: Washington

3. Firm:
Project: Rockaway Call for Ideas
Location: New York

4. Firm:
Project: Playground
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

5. Firm:
Project: Pedestrian Mall
Location: Ithaca, New York

6. Firm:
Project: Free Play modular set

7. Firm:
Project: Coney Island Library
Location: Brooklyn, New York

8. Firm:
Project: Cathedral Kitchen
Location: Camden, New Jersey

9. Firm: , Ewelina Gdak, Micha? Gdak
Project: Institute of Design Kielce.
Location: Kielce, Poland

10. Firm: Emily Pilloton, Matthew Miller, and their high school students
Project: Project H
Location: Bertie County, North Carolina

11. Firm:
Project: YWCA women’s center
Location: Dallas

12. Firm:
Project: Kindergarten and Community Center
Location: Buenaventura, Colombia

13. Firm:
Project: Children’s Activity Pavilion at the Hawaii Nature Center
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

14. Firm:
Project: Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School library
Location: New York

15. Firm:
Project: Good(s)
Location: Nepal

16. Firm:
Project: Vilcek Prize
Location: New York

17. Firm:
Project: Fold/Unfold
Location: Luxembourg

18. Firm:
Project: Grain sack
Location: New Delhi

19. Firm:
Project: Loop
Location: New York