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Out of The Box: Chick-Fil-A’s Got a New Incubator

Custom tables nearby incorporate saw blades. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates converted a 10-year-old Atlanta warehouse into Chick-Fil-A’s idea lab. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Electrical cords are part of an installation in the main corridor. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Painted cardboard boxes for the reception area’s installation were stapled to the wall. Photography by Eric Laignel.

In the corridor installation, painted text coordinates with LED-lit arrows in acrylic and wood. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Twig installations by Savannah College of Art and Design students curve around benches by Simon Pengelly in the café. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Bottle caps and parts of soda cans cover the 4-foot-high letters that spell lead, a?brainstorming keyword for the break-out area. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Its chairs have seats made of polypropylene. Photography by Eric Laignel.

A partition of metal and acrylic sets the break-out area apart. Photography by Eric Laignel.

In the café, reclaimed barn wood tops the custom tables, clads a wall, and frames the painted tin panels overhead. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Chairs and a table by Charles and Ray Eames gather beneath a whiteboard in the lounge. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Photography by Eric Laignel.

Remnants of Styrofoam cups represent the restaurant recycling program currently being developed. Photography by Eric Laignel.

A full-scale restaurant is installed on-site. Photography by Eric Laignel.

A walnut desk and a Danish 1960’s cabinet furnish an office. Photography by Eric Laignel.

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