Best of Year

2014 Rising Giants: 26-50

Design Duncan Miller Ullmann, Ranked #26. Project: The Chinese Businessmen Club. Location: Beijing, China. Photography by Eiichi Kano.

Harley Ellis Devereaux, Ranked #27. Project: Kelly Scott Madison. Location: Chicago, IL. Photography by Christopher Barrett.

SMMA | Symmes Maini & McKee Associates, Ranked #30. Project: Framingham State University McCarthy Dining Hall. Location: Framingham, MA. Photography by Richard Mandelkorn.

lauckgroup, Ranked #31. Project: Winstead. Location: Dallas, TX. Photography by Paul Bardagjy.

Interprise, Ranked #32. Project: Goranson Bain, PLLC. Location: Dallas, TX. Photography by Wade Griffith.

Sykes, O'Connor, Salerno, Hazaveh, PA, Ranked #35. Project: Haven Nightclub at Golden Nugget. Location: Atlantic City, NJ. Photography by Jeffery Totaro.

Partners by Design, Ranked #37. Project: United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. Location: Chicago, IL. Photography by Tom Harris.

DIALOG, Ranked #40. Project: St. Joseph Seminary. Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Photography by Jason Ness.

Arcturis, Ranked #43. Project: Biogenerator. Location: St. Louis, MO. Photography by Matt McFarland.

NicholsBooth Architects, Ranked #44. Project: Zoosk. Location: San Francisco, CA. Photography by Sharon Risedorph.

ReelGrobman, Ranked #45. Proejct: Accenture. Location: San Jose, CA. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

McCall Design Group, Ranked #46. Project: Umpqua Bank. Location: San Jose, CA. Photography by Aaron Leitz.

Davis Carter Scott Ltd, Ranked #48. Project: Podesta Group. Location: Washington, D.C. Photography by Jay Choi, Davis Carter Scott Ltd.

H. Hendy Associates, Ranked #49. Project: ICIS. Location: Glendale, CA. Photography by Takata Photography & Design Services.

Simeone Deary Design Group, Ranked #50. Project: Loews Vanderbilt. Location: Nashville, TN. Photography by Natha Kirkman.

Carrier Johnson + Culture. Project: Campus Pointe Fitness Center. Location: San Diego, CA. Photography by Cris Costea, Costea Photography.

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