Answered Prayers: Jouin Manku Brings Hotel and Restaurant to Loire Valley

Jouin Manku’s renovation of a priory at the namesake abbey in Fontevraud-l’Abbaye, France, included turning the refectory into an events space. The tabletop and the storage racks are custom oak pieces. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

Oak blocks, carved from salvaged beams, meet touch-screen tabletops at iBar, originally a chapel. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

The tufa-stone priory was built between the 12th and 19th centuries. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

In the events space, a custom wool rug anchors a lounge. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

Patrick Jouin ID’s chair in the reception area. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

The garden cloister. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

Its ambulatory transformed into Fontevraud le Restaurant, where the backs of benches incorporate LED fixtures. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

A laser-cut iron screen at the entry to the bar. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

The 18th-century staircase’s iron balustrade. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

Part of the restaurant enclosed with glass. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

In the restaurant, custom pendant fixtures combine walnut veneer and copper. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

A wool-linen upholsters wall panels in the guest rooms at Fontevraud l’Hôtel. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

The priory’s rear garden has been newly landscaped with fruit trees. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

In a guest room’s sitting area, a Jouin armchair and a custom epoxy-coated steel table join a custom daybed covered in wool-acrylic. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

Custom ceramic dishware for the restaurant is by Charles Hair. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

One of the bar’s custom lamps in oak and blackened steel. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

A custom sconce. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

A wall-mounted oak nightstand in a guest room. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

The business center. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

Stretch wool-polyester on a custom screen retaining heat and absorbing sound in the bar. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

Breakfast served in the restaurant. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

The events space’s custom design for folding chairs. Photography by Nicolas Mathéus

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