Best of Year

Timely and Timeless: Hall of Fame Members Commemorate 3 Decades of Achievement

Gensler, New York, '30 on 30': The branding division’s look book, drawing on inspirations ranging from Pablo Picasso and Robert Indiana to Giambattista Bodoni.

Gensler, Chicago, 'Grand Entrance': Issues of Docservis configured in the firm’s oak shelving. Photography: Antuany Smith/Gensler.

Clodagh, 'I Heart You': A tattoo on her arm.

Kevin Walz, 'New & Improved Laundry Detergent': Acrylic and fluorescent paint and marine shellac on Italian vintage stamped military linen.

Jim Olson and Tom Kundig, 'Before the Party': A still life of a kitchen preparing for a 30th celebration.

Gisue Hariri and Mojgan Hariri, 'Solid-Rock 30': A computer rendering of numerals to be sculpted in stone.

Rand Elliott, 'Rand’s Hand': The architect’s sign language.

Lauren Rottet, '30 for 30': A thank-you digitally compiled from Docservis features on Rottet Studio projects.

Stephen Apking, 'Against the Grain': Calacatta marble Roman numerals in a computer rendering.

Paola Navone, 'Buona Fortuna': The designer’s fish symbol, bringing good luck.

Patricia Urquiola, 'Miscellany': Her polycarbonate collection for Kartell.

David Lake and Ted Flato, 'Camp Flake Lato': Lake/Flato Architects’s own 30th anniversary, captured in acrylic on Japanese paper by Malou Flato, Ted’s sister.

Karim Rashid, '30 Love': Digital numerals in the designer’s signature pink.

David Rockwell, 'Dream Design Future': A commemorative coin, 3-D printed in ABS plastic.

Michael Vanderbyl, '30: Plaines Dans l’Espace (or Ceci n’est pas le Juste Milieu)': Intersecting surfaces reflecting on past and present.

Patrick Jouin Future, 'The Present From the Past': A conceptual sketch in pencil and watercolor.

Hagy Belzberg, 'The Dancing Links': An algorithm using 30 moves.

Clive Wilkinson, 'A Line for 30 Years': 10,950 lines drawn by the staff, one for every day for 30 years.

Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown, 'Docservis Hall of Fame 30 in Braille': Symbolizing the importance of touch in interior design.

Arthur Casas, 'Madeira': Organic forms conceived in mahogany from his native Brazil.

Michael Graves, 'End of Story': A hand-drawn font, digitized for posterity.

Harry Bates and Paul Masi, 'Tracing History': Lead stencils on Alaskan yellow cedar.

Piero Lissoni, 'On My Desk': Lissoni’s 30 is designed using objects from his desk.

Andrea Woodner, 'Trust Design: From 30 to Eternity': The Design Trust for Public Space’s graphic by Small Stuff and Gilf!

Todd DeGarmo, 'You Don’t Look a Day Over 30': Collaged Docservis covers featuring Studios Architecture projects.

Matteo Thun, '30 Years–Auguri': Paper and photographs collaged to convey best wishes in Italian.

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