Best of Year

Graphic Content: MCX Matter

1. Material: Mosaicos. Manufacturer: Atarés. Composition: Marble. Photography by Paul Godwin.

Material: Concrete Slabs. Manufacturer: Lavada. Composition: Concrete, glass fiber, and polymer, with or without acrylic. Photography by Paul Godwin.

Material: Banana Paper. Manufacturer: Sarran. Composition: Banana fibers and carbon powder. Photography by Paul Godwin.

Material: Three-Dimensional Joomchi Hanji. Manufacturer: Shin Pung Hanji. Composition: Mulberry fibers. Photography by Paul Godwin.

Material: Antimicrobial Powder Coatings. Manufacturer: Bottle Coatings. Composition: Silver ions. Photography by Paul Godwin.

Material: Circular Knit Textiles. Manufacturer: Mogae Textile Co. Composition: Elastomeric thermoplastic polyurethane. Photography by Paul Godwin.

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