MCX Matter: The Verdict Was Unanimous

1. Material: Organic Blocks. Manufacturer: Sustainable Materials. Composition: Cork-based substances. Photography by Paul Godwin.

2. Material: Contrast Clip Georgette. Manufacturer: AirDye. Composition: PET plastic. Photography by Paul Godwin.

3. Material: Nile Croc. Manufacturer: Sonite Innovative Surfaces. Composition: Polyester. Photography by Paul Godwin.

4. Material: Shou Sugi Ban. Manufacturer: Zwarthout. Composition: Douglas fir, oak. Photography by Paul Godwin.

5. Material: Mixed Mosaic Eco Flooring. Manufacturer: Deesawat Industries Co. Composition: Hardwood, polyethylene, and aluminum. Photography by Paul Godwin.

6. Material: Perivale Welsh. Manufacturer: Daniel Heath. Composition: Slate. Photography by Paul Godwin.

7. Material: Bespoke. Manufacturer: Lavada. Composition: Polymer, glass fiber, cement, and sand. Photography by Paul Godwin.

8. Material: Honeycomb. Manufacturer: Lenderink Technologies. Composition: Recycled polymers. Photography by Paul Godwin.

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