Jack Esterson Designs Film and Video Department for Pratt

Maple, more commonly used for flooring, clads the underside of the screening room’s enclosure where it faces the lobby. Photography by Alexander Severin.

In the film and video department at Pratt Institute, CNC-cut aluminum wraps a corner of the screening room. Photography by Alexander Severin.

A sound stage features chairs by Karim Rashid and a green-screen for video shoots. Photography by Alexander Severin.

Glass separates the recording studio from its talent booth. Photography by Alexander Severin.

Aluminum frames the front of spaces including the screenwriters’ classroom, set on top of the recording studio. Photography by Alexander Severin.

Ottomans in the lobby are upholstered in polyester. Photography by Alexander Severin.

In the recording studio, maple baffles help manage acoustics. Photography by Alexander Severin.

The screening room seats 96. Photography by Alexander Severin.

Rubber surfaces a catwalk. Photography by Alexander Severin.

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