Walker Art Center Explores 1960’s Counterculture Architecture

Archizoom Associati’s Superonda sofa in vinyl-covered polyurethane is appearing in an exhibition at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. Photography by Dario Bartolini/Archizoom Associati and the Centro Studio Poltronova.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Haus-Rucker Co. Environment Transformer/Flyhead Helmet, 1968. Photography by Gerald Zugmann, copyright Haus-Rucker Co.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Untitled (The Cockettes) by Clay Geerdes, 1972. Image courtesy of the Estate of Clay Geerdes.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. CC5 Hendrixwar/Cosmococa Programa-in-Progress by Neville D'Almeida and Helio Oiticica, 1973. Image courtesy of Walker Art Center.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Hello Dali by Asaac Abrams, 1965. Image courtesy of the artist.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Jimi Hendrix by Ira Cohen, 1968. Image courtesy of Ira Cohen Archive, LLC.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Payne's Gray by Judith Williams, 1966. Image courtesy of the Collection of the Morris an Helen Belkin Art Gallery, the University of British Columbia.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Superchair by Ken Isaacs, 1967. Image courtesy of Archive Zamp Kelp.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Women in Design: The Next Decade by Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, 1975. Image courtesy of the artist.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Yellow Subarmine by Corita Kent, 1967. Photography by Joshua White.

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