Gensler Washington DC and Austin Update Myriad Botanical Gardens

The band shell is composed of a trio of bent tubular-steel arches wrapped in a trellis of rods held together by steel joints. Photography by Prakash Patel.

Curved glass and cement-composite panels enclose a restaurant pavilion Gensler designed for Oklahoma City’s Myriad Botanical Gardens. Photography by Prakash Patel.

The band shell’s open framework allows the wind to pass through but prevents birds from nesting; LEDs in the ground and on the structure itself can be programmed to create evening light shows. Photography by Prakash Patel.

Gensler expanded the existing Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory with a new entry, visible at far left. Photography by Prakash Patel.

A view from underneath the band shell. Photography by Prakash Patel.

The scope of landscape architecture included modifying the existing pond and easing access to it via new ramps and stairs. Photography by Prakash Patel.

A screen of stainless-steel mesh partially encloses the open-air pavilion. Concrete flooring “indoors” segues to ipe decking. Photography by Prakash Patel.

The restaurant pavilion’s footprint forms a perfect square; on the west side, the cantilevered roof, with its 18-foot overhang, offers sun protection. Photography by Prakash Patel.

The water feature adjacent to the restaurant serves as a fountain in summer and a skating rink in winter. Photography by Prakash Patel.

Inside the restaurant and events venue, Eero Saarinen Executive chairs contrast with white terrazzo flooring, and painted steel uprights ring the perimeter. Photography by Prakash Patel.

The low-slung restaurant, pierced by a recessed glass entry, as seen from the street. Photography by Prakash Patel.

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