Gensler Redesigns San Francisco International Airport

The sculptured ceiling funnels in natural light through clerestories and skylights. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

In the Terminal 3 Boarding Area E of , passengers can while away time in Egg chairs and Swan lounges. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

An abstract mural made with locally sourced tiles alludes to sky imagery. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

The swirling-pattern discs of Spyrogyrate, artist ’s interactive play area for children, spin when stepped on. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

’s 12 motorized discs of laser-cut acrylic slowly change hue as they rotate. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

The interactive “flight deck” offers information to travelers via touchscreens. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

The yoga room stays open around the clock. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

Great expanses of glass in the boarding area make it easy to watch taxiing aircraft. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

In the Recompose area, ’s voluminous every beating Second suspends colored netting beneath skylights. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

Above the drop-off curb, air over under by consists of 120 laminated glass panels. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

Perforated metal paneling on the ceiling, silkscreened to resemble wood, folds over the wall behind ticketing desks; light fixtures are ’s Mouette. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

Hanging in the ticketing/bag drop lobby is ’s topograph, a work composed of two clusters of steel tubes wrapped in South African shade cloth. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

Boarding Area E offers unimpeded views from one end to the other. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

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