Gensler Rehabs a Work Space for Microsoft in Washington

A ground-floor hallway—in one of two buildings renovated for ’s Redmond, Washington, campus—features LED-lit faux skylights and conference rooms clad in oak. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

Partially enclosing a lobby staircase, a cube made of elasticized fabric stretched over a metal frame anchors to the ceiling and an existing beam. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

In B17, a custom banquette takes advantage of the sliver of space created by the atrium staircase; chairs and a table pull up alongside. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

One cube encloses an informal team area, where powder-coated aluminum tables designed by pair with a cotton-knit pouf. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

A wall treatment evoking a cliff enlivens a hallway in B17; around the corner, a spun-yarn globe lights a cork wall meeting room. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

In reception, a motion-sensing LED screen displays an animated image of water. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

The B17 lobby’s upholstered custom oak seating echoes the angularity of the staircase while sofas designed by throw a curve. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

The ceiling fixtures in a first-floor hallway are modeled on skylights. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

A game room’s lighting changes color throughout the day. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

A dark ceiling and carpeted walls give the Xbox room a theaterlike feel. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

Stools designed by pull up to a Corian-surfaced custom table in a B16 hub. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

Another view of the newly angular B17 atrium. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

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