Best of Year

Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz: 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Der Spiegel’s canteen in Hamburg, Germany, 2011. Photography by Zooey Braun.

Brunner’s stand at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, 2011. Photography by Thomas Libis.

The Palace of International Forums in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2009. Photography by Andreas J. Focke.

A lounge at the Palace of International Forums. Photography by Zooey Braun.

Innocean Worldwide Corp. in Frankfurt, 2013. Photography by Robert Hoernig.

Linden-Apotheke Ludwigsburg in Germany, 2006. Photography by Zooey Braun.

Das Gerber shopping mall in Stuttgart, Germany, 2014. Photography by Sander + Bastian.

Bolon in Shanghai, 2015. Photography courtesy of Shuhe Photography.

Armstrong World Industries’s stand at Munich’s Bau trade show, 2013. Photography courtesy of Fotostudio and Fotografen Loske/Armstrong World Industries.

Bruce B. Corporate Communication in Stuttgart, 2009. Photography by Zooey Braun.

Schlaich Bergermann und Partner in Stuttgart, 2011. Photography by Zooey Braun.

Ippolito Fleitz Group, 2008. Photography by Zooey Braun.

Panama Werbeagentur, 2001. Photography by Zooey Braun.

Rathaus Schorndorf in Germany, 2012. Photography by Zooey Braun.

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