Docservis's Best in 10 Projects and Products Winners

Category: Bar/Lounge, 2009. Firm: . Project: Conga Room, Los Angeles. Photography: Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

Category: Institutional, 2011. Firm: . Project: Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Photography: Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

Category: Exhibition/Installation, 2011. Firm: . Project: Out of Memory, Los Angeles. Photography: Art Gray.

Category: Kitchen/Bath, 2014. Firm: . Project: Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. Photography: Tom Arban.

Category: Communal Space, 2013. Firm: . Project: Nanchang Insun International Cinema, China. Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud.

Category: Hotel, 2014. Firm: . Project: Fontevraud L'Hotel, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, France. Photography: Nicolas Matheus. 

Category: Hotel, 2014. Firm: . Project: Fontevraud L'Hotel, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, France. Photography: Nicolas Matheus. 

Category: Fine Dining, 2012. Firm: . Project: Pump Room, Chicago. Photography: Nicolas Koenig.

Category: Education, 2013. Firms:  and . Project: Hatifled-Dowlin Complex, University of Oregon, Eugene. Photography: Jeremy Bittermann.

Category: Beauty/Spa, 2014. Firm: . Project: Private sauna, Sans Souci Island, Ontario. Photography: Jonathan Friedman.

Category: Office, 2010. Firm: . Project: Macquarie Group, Sydney, Australia. Photography: Shannon McGrath.

Category: Healthcare, 2014. Firm: . Project: South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute, Adelaide. Photography: Peter Clarke.

Category: Retail, 2014. Firm: . Project: Guerlain, Paris. Photography: Manolo Yllera. 

Category: Cafeteria, 2012. Firm: . Project: Der Spiegel, Hamburg, Germany. Photography: Zooey Braun. 

Category: Apartment, 2012. Firms:  and . Site: New York. Photography: Eric Laignel.

Category: House, 2007. Firms:  and . Site: Southampton, New York. Photography: Michael Moran.

Category: Showroom/Manufacturer's Headquarters, 2012. Firm: . Project: Steelcase, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Photography: Benny Chan/Fotoworks.

Category: Casual Dining, 2008. Firm: . Project: Pops, Arcadia, Oklahoma. Photography: Scott McDonald/Hedrich Blessing. 

Category: Contract Textile. Manufacturer: . Product: Layers Garden Double.

Category: Kitchen Product. Manufacturer: . Product: Professional.

Category: Contract Accent. Manufacturer: . Product: QuickStand.

Category: Contract Guest Seating. Manufacturer: . Product: Forest.

Category: Outdoor Furniture. Manufacturer: . Product: Orbit XXL.

Category: Contract Task Seating. Manufacturer: . Product: Zody.

Category: Architectural/Building Product. Manufacturer: . Product: Sliding Barn Door Hardware.

Category: Soft Flooring. Manufacturer: . Product: Ful Volume.

Category: Residential Textile. Manufacturer: . Product: Orchidea.

Category: Wall Covering. Manufacturer: . Product: Flexi Mother of Pearl Mosaic.

Category: Contract Furniture. Manufacturer: . Product: Public Office Landscape.

Category: Bath Product. Manufacturer: . Product: Axor Massaud.

Category: Residential Furniture. Manufacturer: . Product: Husk.

Category: Lighting. Manufacturer: . Product: Ameba.

Category: Hard Flooring. Manufacturer: . Product: EGE Atelier by Jean-Paul Gaultier.