Rare Vintage Radios on View at the MAKK in Germany

The Kuba Imperial Comet radio-stereo-TV console from 1957. Photography by Ralf Rottjer.

Walter Dorwin Teague’s Sparton 1186 Nocturne, a 1935 radio, is among the models appearing at Germany’s Museum für Angewandte Kunst KölnPhotography by Sasa Fuis.

Isis Electronics’s 20-1 plastic radio from 1994. Photography by Marion Mennicken.

Teague’s Sparton 566 Bluebird, 1936. Photography by Sasa Fuis.

Fada Radio & Electric Company’s cast-resin Streamliner, 1945. Photography by Sasa Fuis.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Rr126 Ofst Deposito, Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Brionvega S.p.A., Mailand (I), 1956-66, MAKK. Photography by Sasa Fuis.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. T 1000 Weltempfänger, Dieter Rams, Braun AG, Frankfurt a .M. (DE), 1964, MAKK. Photography by Sasa Fuis.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. LA 42 Tykho, Marc Berthier, Lexon, Boulogne-Billancourt (F), 1998, MAKK. Photography by Marion Mennicken.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. L Sound System, Geneva Lab, Zürich (CH), 2008. Photography by Marion Mennicken.

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