35 New Fabric and Wallcovering Products that Will Turn Heads

Patty Madden’s Chitano for .

Giotto for Rubelli at .

Starlit Lattice for .

Rembrandt for Rubelli at .

Queen Anne for Rubelli at .

Mount McKinley for .

Timberline for .

Timberline, Badlands for .

Badlands for .

Sundance vinyl-polyester by .

Cosmos hand-painted non-woven wallpaper in Korinthian Sea with metal leaf by .

Molten Sansa type 2 wall covering by . 

Replay cotton-nylon blend by . 

Glow wallpaper by .

Blendz Patina wall panels in recycled aluminum by .

Blip, Concentric, and Outlander polyesters by .

Larsen Design Studio’s Rendell in hand-sewn cotton-silk blend by . 

Mac Stopa’s Pebble resin wall tile with fiberglass backing by .

Alpenjager for .

Catch Me for .

Criss-Cross for .

Medusae for .

Le Corbusier–Dots for . 

Sheila Hicks’ Crossing Colors for .

Patricia Urquiola’s Memory 2 for .

Jean Nouvel’s Summer Hours in Kensington for .

Sina Pearson’s Sprinter for .

Mary Fisher’s Groundworks for Kravet, through . 

Suzanne Tick’s Percept for .

Iris Wang’s Gem for .

Terra collection for .

Terra collection for .

Pinwheel linen-cottons by .

Richard Smith’s Harlequin rayon-ramie by .

Parada epingle viscose-polyester velvet by Romo through the .

Cora indoor/outdoor polyurethane with polyester-rayon backing by .

Silica Fritz in silicone by .

Ashley Hicks for David Hicks’s Sergeant Hicks in recycled polyester and rayon by . 

Spin vinyl with polyester backing by . 

Viewpoint in Crypton polyester and postconsumer recycled polyester by . 

Hardcopy polyurethane with polyester backing by .