Minimalist Gem by Atelier Carvalho Araújo Masters a Tricky Site in Portugal

Après la Pluie (To Satie), an oil painting by Spanish artist Dario Basso, hangs in the living area of a house by Atelier Carvalho Araújo in Vieira do Minho, Portugal. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

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Ottima: Window Frame System 

The living space culminates in 18-foot-tall motorized sliders with 2-mm-thin aluminum frames, manufactured by the client’s company. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

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Iduna: Kitchen System

Delightful: Chandelier

An acrylic on canvas by Manuel Caeiro lends a pop of color to the dining area, furnished with wood-and-steel chairs by Álvaro Siza Vieira. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

From below, the house recalls Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Steel trusses (also produced by the homeowner’s company) support the Nordic pine–paneled mezzanine, housing a sitting area and a pair of sleeping suites. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Near a vintage highboard by Silvio Cavatorta, an angled concrete stairway leads to the mezzanine catwalk. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

The house takes advantage of a steep site with a trickling stream. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

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Sanindusa: Bathroom Fittings

Sculptural ceramic bathroom fixtures are from the Carvalho Araújo–designed WCA collection, conceived for the Portuguese sanitary ware brand Sanindusa. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

A slim skylight is the sole source of natural illumination in the kitchen, with custom cabinets and fixtures; the countertop is steel plate. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

A terrace adjacent to the living room has a jacuzzi, a witty polyethylene SO1 light by Sarah Olaerts, and views for miles. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

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Iduna: Chairs, Table

One of the two mezzanine bedrooms. Photography by Hugo Carvalho Araújo. 

The freestanding concrete volume at the home’s far right end contains the master suite. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

The master bedroom, with a wraparound headboard of Nordic pine, has but one window: a double-height slider that glides open to annex the living room–adjacent patio. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

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