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Studio Seilern Architects Transforms a Centuries-Old Barn Into a Vibrant Art Center

A rural farm estate in Little Milton, England, features a 17th-century barn transformed into an art gallery by Studio Seilern Architects. Tony Oursler’s The Influence Machine video is projected onto an adjacent tree. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

To coincide with a 2014 James Turrell exhibition, a temporary pavilion—clad in dark-stained timber to match the neighboring barn—was erected to house the artist’s Elliptic Ecliptic. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

The work afforded a disklike view of ever-changing sky. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

In the barn’s dining room, a stainless-steel “rock” by Zhan Wang joins a Campana Brothers chandelier and a Marc Newson table in linen-phenolic composite. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

At the main entrance to the gallery, a massive oak-frame glass wall slides open to the surrounding sculpture-dotted grounds. Photography by Philip Vile.

Polished stainless steel clads the library ceiling, punctured by a skylight. Photography by Philip Vile.

Near the property’s tennis court, artist Richard Woods created a tennis pavilion sheathed in his signature faux wood painted slats. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

Doors within the library shelves pivot open to access the adjacent dining room, a bathroom, and a staircase to the mezzanine level. Photography by Philip Vile.

French artist Bernar Venet’s 9 Arcs, in Cor-ten, is one of 11 sculptures dotting the 4-acre grounds; soon to join them is a pavilion on a small island, accessed via a 49-foot bridge, both designed by David Adjaye. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

The library is furnished with a table and stool by Richard Woods; powder-coated steel slats form the mezzanine floor and railing. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

The inside of the tennis pavilion, given the Richard Woods treatment during his “Country Life” show in 2014; he is currently erecting a swimming pool on the property (slated for completion next month). Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

A view of the artist’s installation in the main gallery space, which displayed abstract botanical-print wallpaper and faux tree stumps. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

The 13-foot Clock, by Richard Woods, surmounts the barn. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

A David Adjaye bench occupies the low-ceilinged gallery space. Photography by Philip Vile. 

Dirty Table, Dirty Bench, and Harvest Light by Richard Woods. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

Parts of the barn building date to the 17th century; the tiled truss roof was added later. Photography by Manolo Yllera/PHOTOfoyer.

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