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IFA 2016 Trends: Smart Electronics to Make Homes More Connected and Sustainable

Miele’s ArtLine appliances integrate seamlessly into the flush cabinets popular in combined kitchen and living spaces.

Siemens’ Avantgarde washing machine and dryer can be controlled from anywhere using the Home Connect app.

The Home Connect app also enables users to select from 18 speciality coffees that can be brewed on demand by the EQ.9 coffee machine.

AEG’s SenseCook oven allows users to specify how they want their food cooked rather than selecting a time and temperature.

The VUX smart control interface from Grundig projects a virtual control panel onto the surface of a countertop that can control multiple devices.

Users can specify how they like their steak cooked and AEG’s SenseCook oven will control the cooking to achieve the desired result.

AEG’s latest washing machines and dryers come with a dedicated app that helps users select the optimal laundry setting and send it to the appliance.

Users can look inside LG’s Signature refrigerator by knocking on the door, which turns the opaque door compartment transparent.

Gorenje updated its stylish collection of appliances designed by Ora Ito in 2007 by adding touch-sensor dials.

AEG’s MaxiSense Pure Flex hob replaces buttons and dials with integrated LED touch controls. 

Bosch’s 360 Indoor Camera can swivel in any direction and its camera can retract out of sight when privacy is required.

Grundig’s prototypal HerbGarden provides the perfect lighting and atmospheric conditions for growing herbs and vegetables at home.

Panasonic’s MX-ZX1800 blender was among the small appliances demonstrating how fresh ingredients can be processed into nutritious meals and snacks.

The TwoInOne hob unit from Miele extracts vapors and odors downwards through a central grille.

Gorenje’s Retro Special Edition refrigerator references the chrome and two-tone design of the classic Volkswagen minibus.

Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound portable speakers are designed “for a flexible lifestyle”, and deliver 360-degree sound.

Philips entered the OLED TV market with the 901F, which claims to offers over 2250 trillion colours and features integrated back lighting.

The Bild 7 and Bild 9 are Loewe’s first OLED televisions and are designed with sculptural forms that accentuate their premium status.

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