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Edelman Leather Co-Founder Teddy Edelman Dies at 88

Arthur and Teddy Edelman.

Teddy and Arthur Edelman.

Andy Warhol met Arthur and Teddy Edelman in 1957 and became their graphic designer a year later. Warhol designed a coloring book featuring all the Edelman beasts that gave their hides to fashion: snakes, lizards, crocodiles, an exotic calf, and a water buffalo. 

A series of Andy Warhol illustrations for Edelman Leather that appeared in our April 2002 issue.

Edelman Leather's Spice Market Collection, featured in our Spring Market Tabloid in 2005, come in mouthwatering tones of saffron, cumin, paprika, and cinnamon—specifically as seen in the open markets of Istanbul.

A two-page Croco Loco advertisement by Edelman Leather.

Full-page advertisement featuring an assortment of Edelman Leather's vibrant metallics to the trade.

Full-page advertisement of Edelman Leather's various collections in vibrant red.

Edelman Leather featured in our Spring Market Tabloid in 2012.

Edelman Leather's Bare-Ly There collection, which appeared in our Spring Market Tabloid in 2013.

Capsules by Edelman Leather, featured in our Spring Market Tabloid in 2014.

Shadow in black and Sediment, Rustico in Whiskey, Boundary in Cappuccino suede, Rapunzel in Black Pearl, Shadow in Polar Bear, Boundary in Palestone, and Betwixt in Cappuccino four; all leather trimmings by Edelman Leather.

Metallic Dream Cow is a European full-grain, aniline-dyed cowhide by Edelman Leather.

Kyle Bunting's graphic hides at Edelman Leather, revealed at NeoCon 2016, is an aniline double-dyed stitch-free hair-on-hide wall covering with a paper backing fused to its substrate.

Arthur and Teddy Edelman.

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