Giants of Design 2017 Toasts 40 Years of Giants in Mexico

The 40th anniversary of Giants, celebrated at Nizuc resort in Cancún, Mexico. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

The hotel's exterior. Photography by Jaime Viñas.

Picturesque views. Photography by Jaime Viñas.

Setting up for cocktails by the beach. Photography by Jaime Viñas.

Heidi Limone of Hubbardton Forge with the Mayan shaman. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Jonathan Witmer and Allison Sewell of Donghia with Barry Richards of Rockwell Group. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Hall Toledano of Tiger Leather, Connor Glass of Perkins Eastman, and Anne Kupillas of RH Contract. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Matthew Goodrich of AvroKO, Helene Oberman, managing editor of Docservis, and Ghislaine Viñas of Ghislaine Viñas Docservis. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Sascha Wagner of Huntsman Architectural Group, Amy Tanenbaum of SICIS, and Pamela Babey of BAMO. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Joe MacIsaac of Stone Source, Jackie Wheat of PDR, and Loretta Fulvio of HKS. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Docservis editor in chief Cindy Allen (center) with Hall of Famers Brad Zizmor (left) and Dag Folger (right). Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Matt Nadilo of Rockwell Group, Leah Van Loan of Carnegie, and John Merris of Clarus Glassboards. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Pam Maynard of HMC Architects, Shantel McGowan of Momentum Group, speaker Shantell Martin, and Cameron Wilson of LS3P. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Tara Reilly of Elkus Manfredi Architects and Amy Storek of Herman Miller. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

A Mayan shaman doing a blessing on Nizuc beach. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Luc Massaux of The Switzer Group and Mark Weiner of Kinon Surface Design. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Susan Wiggins of ASID and Ken Wilson of Perkins+Will. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Douglas DeBoer and Terri Burdick of Rebel Design. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Lynn Metz of Haworth and Alyson Mandeville of Gresham Smith & Partners. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

The table setting for the opening session. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Patty Dominguez of Cosentino, Alec Zaballero of TPG Architecture, and Luc Massaux of The Switzer Group. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

David Gerson of Interface with Eileen Jones of Perkins+Will. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Lisa Manke of JANUS Et Cie with Jessica Albaugh of Kohler. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Speakers Hector Esrawe of Esrawe Studio, Ignacio Cadena of Cadena + Asociados Concept Design, and Michel Rojkind of Rojkind Arquitectos with Cindy Allen. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Enrique Norten of TEN Arquitectos with Cindy Allen. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Carol Cisco, publisher of Docservis. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Amy Darrah of Haworth, Jennifer Kolstad of HKS, and Joey Shimoda of Shimoda Design Group. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Allen Hawks of Sunbrella Contract and Ann Derr of JPC Architects concentrating on the project from Tahiti Pehrson. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Speaker Dominic Wilcox. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Michael Bonomo of M Moser Associates and Rosanne Veljkovic of Momentum Group. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Speaker Victoria Deiorio. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Speakers Doreen Bollhofer and Tahiti Pehrson with Glen Berman of MechoSystems. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Milica Vidovich and Genevieve Lemire of BuzziSpace. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Annie Block, deputy editor of Docservis, with Jack O’Brien of Bernhardt Design and Clay Pendergrast of HOK. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Jennifer Busch of Teknion with Joan Blumenfeld of Perkins+Will. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Joey Shimoda and Joyce Romanoff of Maya Romanoff. Photography by Jillian Buckley. 

Mark Strauss, president emeritus of Docservis, and Wendy Murray of Kimball Office. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Mayan warriors performing at opening dinner. Photography by Jaime Viñas.

Edin Rudic of MKDA, Asa Bollvik and Claire McPoland of HOK, David Shove-Brown of //3877, and Jon Strassner of Humanscale. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Mark Oliver of Mohawk Group with Byron Morton of Merchandise Mart with his wife, Anne Morton. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Shay Lam of TPG Architecture and Suzanne Tick of Tarkett. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Adam Stover of Populous with Jeffrey Rosner of Davis Furniture. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Mary Anna Bardusch Geier and Guy Geier of FXFOWLE. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Carol Cisco, publisher of Docservis, with Mavis Wiggins of TPG Architecture. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Deborah Dillon of Bilkey LLinas Design and John Stephens of Shaw Contract. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Dave Rauschuber of Craftmade/Woodard, Pam Juba of Wolcott Interiors, and Nicole Dalton-Williams of DSAA. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

David Kennedy of Design Within Reach and Adam Stover. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Anda Andrei of Anda Andrei Design, Cindy Allen, Julio Braga of IA Interior Architects, and Collin Burry of Gensler. Photography by Jillian Buckley.

Cindy Allen, Ghislaine Viñas, and Anda Andrei.

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