Luís Sobral and Fernanda Gramaxo Convert Abandoned Porto Warehouse Into Boutique Hotel

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A Turkish rug softens the reception area’s concrete floor. Photography by José Campos. 

Fir frames the door of a guest room. Photography by José Campos.

 In the penthouse suite, velvet-covered chairs and an ash table, all custom, create a sitting area. Photography by José Campos.

An original granite wall meets fir paneling and board-formed concrete. Photography by José Campos. 

This staircase in pine and oxidized steel connects the five aboveground levels. Photography by José Campos. 

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A guest room’s iron bed is custom. Photography by José Campos.

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: Floor Lamp.

Through : Chair, Table.

: Sinks.

: Sink Fittings.

 Greta Magnusson Grossman’s floor lamp inspired this version. Photography by José Campos. 

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A custom ceiling fixture in iron illuminates the suite. Photography by José Campos. 

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: Tub.

: Tub Fittings.

Its custom steps are fir. Photography by José Campos. 

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: Bed Linens.

: Sinks.

: Sink Fittings.

Linen and velvet cover the front of a guest room’s WC. Photography by José Campos.

Curtains are also velvet. Photography by José Campos.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Aboveground level by the steel staircase. Photography by José Campos.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Wooden stairway leading to the lower level. Photography by José Campos.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Kitchen and dining room. Photography by José Campos.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Stone flooring. Photography by José Campos.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Front façadePhotography by José Campos.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. A duo of twin beds in a guest room. Photography by José Campos.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Hand-made wooden doorway. Photography by José Campos.

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