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Terra Lodge in Cape Verde by Ramos Castellano Architects Maximizes Efficiency

Terra Lodge, a hotel in Mindelo on the Cape Verde island of São Vicente, consists of five ground-up buildings by Ramos Castellano Architects on the grounds of a mansion from 1900. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Panels made of African wood are hinged to open above windows or unglazed openings. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

There are 11 standard guest rooms. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Custom tables and chairs in the breakfast room combine iron with wood reclaimed from old cable spools. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

The new buildings are predominantly lime-plastered concrete. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Guest accommodations have private verandas. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Doors open in the front wall, constructed with a steel frame and painted iron panels recycled from oil barrels. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

With no air conditioning, ceiling fans cool the rooms. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Mahogany decking runs between the mansion and the lap pool. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

A popular starting point for mountain trekking, the hotel’s hillside district is called Alto Solarine. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Wire fencing is a safety feature for the verandas. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

The roof of the mansion has become a terrace for the hotel. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Cotton hammocks hang on the verandas. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

The bathrooms’ shower enclosures are hand-polished concrete. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Flooring is also concrete in the bathrooms. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Above the entry patio, a footbridge links the roof terrace to guest quarters. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

A veranda faces Santo Antão, one of the nine other volcanic islands that make up the Cape Verde archipelago. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

The hotel courtyard. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

The front wall's painted iron panels are recycled from oil barrels. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Rooftop and terrace for guest quarters. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

Each window offers views of São Vicente. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

One of 11 guest rooms. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

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